Alla, 33 yrs.old

Date of birthJuly 11, 1991
Height167 cm (5'5")
Weight110 lbs (50 kg)
Body typeSlim
Hair colorBlond
Eye colorBrown
English levelIntermediate
Marital statusDivorced
ChildrenHave 1 children
Occupationrestaurant taster
I want to share with you what I really am in life.
I am a strong and independent woman who believes in my abilities and is not afraid to take responsibility for my life. I strive for self-improvement and constantly learn to develop my skills and reach new heights. I don't stand still, but always move forward.
I am a woman who is passionate about my work and makes every effort to achieve success. I treat my colleagues with care and strive to create a harmonious work environment where everyone feels comfortable and valued.
I also love spending time in nature, especially on walks or picnics with friends and family. It helps me relax and enjoy the beautiful moments in life.
Yes, I love fashion and shopping, but that's only a small part of me. I prefer to choose quality items that highlight my personality and sense of style.
I take pride in my ability to be a support and inspiration to those around me.
I hope that every day you learn more and more about me and my life.
Age range: 32-80

The first and most important quality that I value in a man is loyalty and sincerity. I want to be with someone who will be my true friend and partner, who will always support me in difficult times and celebrate successes with me.
The second quality I value is intelligence and education.
The third quality I value is a sense of humor. I believe that laughter is the key to a happy and healthy relationship. I want to be with a man who knows how to find joy and humor in everyday life, who can lift my spirits and make my days brighter and more fun.
In addition, I am looking for a man who loves nature and an active lifestyle. I enjoy spending time outdoors, playing sports and exploring new places.
And of course, I want to be with a man who loves and respects me for who I am. With mutual respect and support, we can overcome any obstacles and achieve our dreams.