Victoria, 21 yrs.old

Date of birthFebruary 10, 2003
Height168 cm (5'6")
Weight150 lbs (68 kg)
Body typeAverage
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorGray
English levelPre-Intermediate
Marital statusNever Married
ChildrenHave no children
I am kind and gentle person.. the most of all in the world I am scared of quarrels so I am trying to avoid this thing.. I am friend) I like gardening) when I have my own home I dream to have huge garden) and I will be doing all I can there)
I like to cook) I try to prepare my own dishes) I dream about family) I dream about being with someone who will be also caring and kind)
Age range: 28-79

I am searching for man.. who is caring, loving and will give me his passion.. I am searching for man who will be honest with me and devoted) who will be nice and gentle with me) who will never hurt me and quarrel with me)) this what I desire.. cause remember ?? I don't like quarrels) I need someone who will care about me.. love me and be honest no matter what