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How to learn to trust after betrayal
Perhaps, all people are divided into two categories: those who do not accept betrayal and those who are ready to work on relationships for their salvation. The most difficult thing in this matter is not how to forgive the infidelity of your chosen one, but how to learn to trust your new partner.

You need to find out the reasons for the betrayal, and here it is important to try to adequately assess the situation. It's no secret that in most cases, both are to blame for the destruction of relationships. Therefore, analyze the situation so as not to repeat mistakes in a new relationship with your mail-order bride. If you can understand the real reason for cheating, you will understand exactly what you need to pay attention to in the future in your relationship, as well as how to make them strong and happy.

Spend more time with your soul mate online now and definitely after, when you finally live together. A joint trip, dinner by candlelight - this will help distract everyday problems and build relationships with your beloved Russian woman with the help of positive ones. Try not to lose the romance in your relationship.

In order to start trusting someone again, you need to make sure that there is no deception on his part. If you get used to the fact that your Russian friend is extremely honest with you, then you can trust her and the whole world around you. You should not establish total control over a woman. Firstly, both of you will get tired of this very quickly, and secondly, constantly trying to catch her in deception, you will return to thoughts of past betrayal. So, come to terms with the fact that both of you should have a personal living space.

Don't try to live the same way. Firstly, it is almost impossible, and secondly, you don't need it. Change the old regime, so life will flow in a way that is not entirely familiar to you, accept new things into your life, new love and new relationships!

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