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Love in quarantine with Marmeladies.com
There are no statistics on the reduction in meetings for Marmeladies.com users when social distancing has become a new trend. But after bars, restaurants, clubs, and discos, and of course, borders were closed in order to fight the coronavirus epidemic around the world, the number of places and, in general, the opportunities for such meetings were significantly reduced.

According to Marmeladies.com, users from countries particularly affected by the pandemic have become even more active following restrictions on social contacts. And one more feature: now they communicate much longer. The total duration of chat conversations has also increased by 10-30 percent compared to the past. For those users who heeded the call to limit social contacts, communication on the site has become the main alternative to face-to-face meetings.

Chatting has become especially popular on the Marmeladies.com dating site. Clients exchange photos and conduct online conversations for hours.
Due to the reduction in the possibility of an early meeting, the number of those who wish to order a gift for a girl through our delivery service has also significantly increased. It became much easier to care about a woman from a distance. Have you already used this service?

Despite all the difficulties that the quarantine period brought us, people continue to look for their halves all over the world. We wish you to meet your loved one as soon as possible and the path on your way to each other will be a minimum of obstacles.

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