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Love online: how to keep a relationship at a distance
80% of the information lovers receive non-verbal. Simply put, it's not words that are important for love. Unpleasant fact for those couples who are forced to maintain a long-distance relationship. However, it is possible to cope with this problem.

Long-distance relationships - are they possible? This is the case when the future depends only on you, and the minuses - if you want - can easily be turned into advantages.

Rare meetings. Online communication. Jealousy, which is stimulated by the unknown - what she's doing, where is she now? With whom is she communicating? And at the same time the freshness of feelings, each date is like the first one; absence of everyday routine and the possibility to make plans together.

The great thing about a long-distance relationship is that the separation tests your strength. The miles separating the couple, like a litmus, highlight and diagnose whether it is love or not. Or rather, it is not just love, but the very thing that is called the TRUE LOVE - when everyone is sure that his partner is finally the one. If that's the case, you have nothing to fear.

In other cases, if there is no certainty, ask yourself the unpleasant question: is it worth wasting your time and energy on a man whose separation could end up causing you real pain. For those who know for sure that their affair is part of a great love story, it can't hurt to have a safety net. So how to survive and endure with the least loss of this separation and keep the long-distance relationship?
1. be in touch all the time. Or at least as often as possible. People who aren't physically close to each other lose a lot by not being able to share the simplest joy/news. Do that - share. "I fell asleep on the subway today and drove two extra stops" or "It's cold as hell at work today" - these kinds of messages in our chat room, make you feel constantly present, blur the lines. The next step in fighting the miles between the two of you is to do something together. It's not about burimae or computer games (although why not, if you enjoy it) - you can, after all, eat dinner together with the help of all the same chat at Marmeladies.com. Cook, discussing in detail the process, put the plates in front of the laptop, and wish each other a bon appetite. Of course, it won't replace a real, "live" meal, but it will allow you to be around doing simple things. Not I and SHE, but YOU - understanding, a sense of community is very expensive, and not to lose it, not to lose, it is necessary to stick to each other in the little things.

2. If you and your Russian girlfriend have disagreements, be sure to share them. However, on this matter there are polar opinions - some believe that in a separation is better not to dump on your partner's negativity, and cope independently, while others believe that it is necessary. "Dump" or not, it's up to you to decide, but keep in mind that claims, resentments, suspicions, fatigue accumulate and do not disappear. It is harmful to keep it inside, and what is accumulated, sooner or later will turn into a dangerous snowball, an avalanche. In addition, the closest experience of his troubles, you will feel even more lonely. It will definitely make you stronger, but will it preserve that very togetherness? That's not a fact.

So still - share. In fact, argue, if it is really necessary. Of course, we are not talking about the scenes with the disconnection, going offline - no matter how annoyed you are, do not let this happen. Normal clarification of the relationship can be adjusted by personal contact, at a distance it is impossible, so do not make your partner to suffer a faraway land.

One of the reasons for your argument (or quarrel?) can expectly be jealousy. Understandably, everything seems bigger from afar than it really is. This rule applies to jealousy as well. The phrase "I and my colleague had lunch together today," dropped in a conversation with you, in your own inflamed imagination can easily turn into five minutes of an affair (especially since, alas, distance invites doubt). What to do? There can only be one answer - trust. It is easy, of course, to say ... But there is no other way. Besides, with all the possible jealousy, if you are in the depths of your soul confident in the man, all the rest will be foam, a light cloud that does not spoil the weather as a whole.

...Everything passes, except true love. Make plans together and know that if you try, after some time this separation will turn for both of you into a pleasant memory that will once again serve as a confirmation of true feelings.

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