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You and your Slavic beloved need to chat more often
Do you know why your Russian girlfriend loves to chat so much? Psychologists say that a woman has 6 to 7 speech centers in her brain. While the man has only one. Therefore, it can be difficult for men to talk about feelings and sensations. And in general men usually do not like to chat unnecessarily. They prefer to speak strictly to the point. Your woman needs to use all her speech centers.

Your Russian friend needs to say 22 thousand words a day. While only 6 thousand of them will be enough for a man. Of course, this does not mean that you have to listen to all these 22 thousand from your beloved, especially since you are now at a distance. That's what girlfriends are for, to chat. Therefore do not be annoyed when you live together and your already Russian wife will call friends and relatives upon Skype may be more often as you would like. She needs it, plus it will reduce the load on you!

When a woman speaks, she understands a lot! This is how the female brain works. Through their speech centers. Even though it sometimes seems that she is saying the same thing. However, this is not the same thing, and she does not do it on purpose. With every word, your beloved understands something new in this situation. It is not uncommon for women to find solutions to the most confusing stories during a conversation. She really gets to know you better and understands that you are the very person with whom she wants to connect her life.

As long as the distance separates you, be closer to each other in chat and letters, try to recognize better the Russian girl you like so much. And remember, if you know better female psychology, it will be easier for you to become happy in family relationships.

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