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Valentine plans and something more!
On the eve of Valentine's Day, we want to remind you of how you can congratulate your girlfriend:

- use the delivery service! You can choose any item that suits you. Our usual gift list is available on the site, as well as a special one for the holiday of all lovers. Be sure to include a few love words in a card with your order!

- write her a message where you tell her everything that you feel today and now! Describe what your acquaintance means to you. Tell her how you see a joint future!

- make an appointment in the chat! You can drink a glass of champagne while you are online and send each other photos. Imagine how and where you will celebrate this holiday in a year.

By the way, on the 14th of February, you will find a surprise from us.
Be sure to come by to get it! Happy Valentine's Day!

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