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4 sleeping positions that clearly characterize the relationship within a couple
Psychologists are confident that the way a husband and a wife sleep can tell a lot about the relationship between them. Experts in the field of psychology, note that it is necessary to consider the posture that spouses take before waking up and not the one in which they are at bedtime. Below are the most common body positions by which you can easily analyze the relationship between wife and husband.

1. "Plexus of hands, plexus of legs"
Legs or arms are usually intertwined by spouses who feel strong affection for each other. In such a relationship, there is always a passion, a spark. Often couples who have just tied the knot go to bed like this: they feel great happiness, euphoria and subconsciously want to merge with each other, turn into a single being. This position is often adopted by spouses, who often tend to be jealous.

2. "Domination"
One partner rests his head on the chest or shoulder of the other. This posture is a sign of the presence of love between you and your Russian wife of strong affection for each other. These relationships are filled with mutual understanding, they are very harmonious. In sex for such couples, everything is usually just fine. At the same time, the husband or wife takes the role of a leader in these relations, and this does not bother the second partner at all.

3. "Spoon"
If one partner presses his back to the other, and he hugs him from behind, this means that the family always shows attention and care. You and your Slavic beauty feel calm, safety and comfortable in this relationship. However, such a marriage is still not ideal: there is some kind of uncertainty between the spouses. Perhaps they are not saying something, they are hiding something.

4. "Back to back"
Partners who lean their backs against each other during a night's rest strive to maintain closeness, while not forgetting the importance of personal space. The relationship between such husbands and wives is equal, filled with mutual respect, harmony, they are very strong. However, comfort plays a very important role in such a marriage. If any partner does not feel that in this relationship he is free, not limited by anything, he does not feel absolutely happy. Over time, such discontent builds up and turns into a very big problem: as a result, quarrels arise.

Talk to your Russian or Ukrainian girlfriend about how much she loves to sleep. This will add intimacy to your communication.

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